Value for Money

This scheme promises to bring great prices and value for money to all our members

Fixed Prices

Fixed price until November 2026

FREE earpiece

FREE earpiece for businesses involved in both the day time and nighttime economy

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Our Prices

Launched in January 2018, CABC promises to bring value for money to all its members.

For £389+VAT per annum, CABC members are provided with a secure radio system. This price is fixed until November 2021. Businesses working in the night-time economy will also receive a free earpiece, connecting them to the wider support network.

In FOR Cardiff’s experience of hiring radios for their Ambassador team in 2017, this is a potential saving in excess of £200 per radio per year and over £400 compared with M.R.S.’s year one charge. As a result, CABC is confident this represents excellent value for money, demonstrates our commitment to reducing your business overheads, whilst ensuring that radios are not cost prohibitive to businesses.

  • Fixed price at £389+VAT per annum until 2021

  • Free earpeice for business involved in night economy